Muscle Barn Reps

If you are interested in becoming a REP for Muscle Barn, please read below and email us at 



What does a Muscle Barn Rep do?


It's simple, Muscle Barn Reps help to promote Muscle Barn and our website, at their respective schools, social circles and work place through social media, word of mouth, and marketing materials provided by us. Make a social media post here and there, talk about us with your sports team or at the gym, and periodically hand out some flyers.


Muscle Barn Reps can be as involved or not involved as they want. Although there are some minimum criteria that has to be fulfilled to stay a Rep. Reps are welcome to start their own fitness pages on social media, YouTube, or personal website.


Fitness is a journey and Reps are taking the people around them on that journey.




Rep Criteria


  1. 1)  Should be involved in some form of health or fitness activity for the last 6 to 12 months. This could be a sport, recreational activity, going to the gym or fitness promotion.

  1. 2)  Active on social Media (1 to 2 times a week). This could be Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. Ideally we are looking more at Instagram and Snap Chat, because they are the current social media platforms we utilize the most.


  2. 3)  No posting of illegal activities. This includes prior to becoming a Muscle Barn Rep as well. As a Rep your actions in life and on social media directly reflect Muscle Barn. We are trying to promote a positive and encouraging lifestyle. Illegal activities include and are not limited too; drugs, using or selling. Violence against another person or group of people. Underage drinking, smoking (cigarettes), gambling and firearms.


  3. 4)  No Discrimination. Again prior to and after becoming a Muscle Barn Rep, in person and on their social media. This includes discrimination against minority groups, religious groups, gender, sexuality, level of physical fitness and body types.


  4. 5)  Cannot be currently promoting another company that sells or would conflict with products Muscle Barn sells. For example, another supplement company would be a conflict, where as a jewellery company would be fine, since it is in a different industry.


  5. 6)  Muscle Barn Rep status can be removed, if any of the above criteria are violated, without notice. However, in most cases warning will be given ahead of time. Repeat violations can lead to sudden removal.



Rep Benefits


As a Muscle Barn Rep, we appreciate you helping us to spread the word about our company. All Reps get a standing 20% discount on all products and merchandise (on sale items, the greater discount is given). Also, you get first chance, when possible to try out new products or provide input on future products Muscle Barn should carry. If asked to work at sample tables or trade show booths, provided a salary for your time.


Anyone interested in becoming a Muscle Barn Rep, should read the above criteria and if you think you would be a good fit to Rep for our company send an email to:


In the email tell us a bit about yourself, why you would like to be a Muscle Barn Rep and what you think you could bring to the Muscle Barn team. After we read your email, we will ask permission to view your Facebook and Instagram pages. We will be looking for the some of the criteria from above, number of Followers/Friends, etc.


Thank you to everyone interested :)