Help Desk & FAQ



How does shipping work if I am local to the shop?


Muscle Barn can ship orders all across Canada. However, if you are close by or would like to pick up your order, there is no shipping charge for any size order under $99.  


Local is defined as the "Town of Georgina", for free drop off.  Pick-up should be done in 3-5 days or it will be shipped at your expense. Pick-up orders marked "pay at pick up", will be automatically cancelled and put back into inventory after 5 days.  


What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Visa Debit.  If you have PayPal, you can also pay us right from your PayPal account.  If paying with Visa Debit, select the Visa option during checkout and enter your information as you would a credit card.  If paying with your Paypal, select the paypal icon when in your shopping cart, before you checkout.  This will direct you to login to your Paypal account off site.  Once logged in, Paypal will bring you back on site to complete checkout. At the end of checkout, select the Paypal option and your order will automatically be paid from your Paypal account.       


How are payments processed?


Payments are processed securely on our site, at the time of check out by our payment provider.  You will NEVER be redirected to leave our website, in order to pay for your purchases.  Unless paying with your Paypal account.  


Is your website secure?


We use SSL encryption to protect your personal and payment information. So yes, while shopping and checking out, you are protected and secure.